ABOUT O:N.


ABOUT   Output:NOISE is a community of artists and musicians based in Central/Western New York working together to promote improvised experimental, ambient and noise music through live events and the publishing of recorded materials.

It is our mission to create an environment that nurtures creativity and therefore are continually developing ways in which to educate and inspire our members, giving them the tools they need to push themselves to create music that is unparalleled in genre.

In our endless pursuit to push boundaries, some O:N events have applied creative problems, limitations or themes designed to affect the performers, however, the standard approach to an Output:NOISE session remains relatively simple: arbitrarily divide the participating musicians into groups of three or four, giving each group a 15 minute time slot in which to develop a cohesive, synergic and compelling set. In nearly every case these groups are completely unique and occasionally will contain individuals whom have only met moments prior.

Taking part in the O:N process is often a liberating experience for many musicians as it offers them a platform to investigate concepts that the constraints of their usual musical outlets might have previously stifled. Because of this, we have seen contributing members emerge from a wide spectrum of musical backgrounds and levels of experience.

AWARDS   2010 Recipient of AOL Artist's "25 for 25" Grant for the next generation of culture ground breakers and visionaries. Learn more at the AOL Artists website┬╗

CONTACT   Want us to know about what you're doing? Have a suggestion for a feature article? Or perhaps there is an experimental, avant-garde or noise show somewhere in Western or Central New York you would like us to list?

If so, e-mail info@outputnoise.com

And, of course, let us not forget about social media. Since we only send out E-mails when there's something new and exciting going on with Output:NOISE directly, be sure to follow us on TWITTER and like us on FACEBOOK where we also keep you informed on the latest developments within our network of artists as well as experimental events within the WNY and CNY area.

Finally, for sound samples, and select digital releases, check us out on BANDCAMP and SOUNDCLOUD.