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The Upstate Soundscape
2011 in Review
  Numerous musical styles, including drone, noise, neo-classical, and others collide within the group’s larger improvisational structure creating a disorienting effect which does seem to make it easier for the “sane” listener to step outside oneself and take a cautious step closer to the insanity depicted within these recordings.
–Taylor Waite

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Avant Music News
AMN Reviews
  Beside their relationship to the underlying extra-musical concept, the pieces on this recording are meant to function as integrated electro-acoustic improvisations in their own right. And they do.
–Dan Barbiero

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Visitation Rites
Sightings: Output Noise Improv Collective, “Narcolepsy”
  The impressively spot-on “Narcolepsy’s” sparse piano melodies tease a lulling urge to succumb to sleep while harrowing strings warn to resist the urge.
–Mary Katherine Youngblood

Mary Katherine Youngblood is a contributing writer for Visitation Rites, Altered Zones, The Pop Manifesto and Dummy Mag.

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Avant Music News
Picks of the Week
  All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended...
Output:Noise Improv Collective – A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV

–Mike Borella

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